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We have designed and implemented the following collision detection and proximity query packages. These systems have been applied to large-scaled interactive environments and simulations. None of the algorithms make any assumption on the motions of the objects; that is, their motions are not assumed to be expressible as a closed-form function of time. In many applications, this is important because it can be difficult to predict a user’s motion in a virtual environment or completely express the dynamic constraints for an object in a complex simulation. We have been working on issues related to collision detection between massive models composed of millions of primitives. Our H-COLLIDE collision detection system for haptic interaction has been used in an interactive multi-resolution modeling and three-dimensional painting system, called InTouch. The PIVOT system, has been used in rigid- and deformable-body simulations, providing intersecting points, penetration depth, and separation distance in a penalty-based dynamics simulator.

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